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About us

Hi, we're Shoko and Nicky, and we are the creators of Swallow Jewellery! Nice to meet you and we're excited to share our stories through our art.

Shoko originally started Swallow Jewellery in 2013 with simple wire wrapped gem stone jewellery. Since then, she learned to silversmith and use a material called precious metal clay. The beautiful natural environment on Vancouver Island, travel, hikes and beach combing inspire her to create jewellery that are imprints of nature items as well as vintage objects. In 2017, Nicky decided to leave her job as a city bus driver, and Shoko asked her to join the brand. They thought it might be a temporary summer arrangement but Nicky never left. Now they work together on design, creation and every aspect of running Swallow Jewellery out of their little home studio in Victoria.

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