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What jewellery to take on your trip

When you go travelling, how do you pick which jewellery pieces to take with you? When I go for a short trip (like my favourite destinations like Portland or California!), I travel with my simple but staple pieces of jewellery. 

For a 3-4 day trip, I take one of everything that's super classic and versatile. For example, with my Vegas trip earlier this year, I took a long vintage lace necklace, a hammered ring, a simple band for stacking, a knuckle ring and a pair of Salt Cedar ear climbers. These were what I wore every day with every outfit. 

Oh, and I love having a wristwatch. I'm always grateful to have it when I'm whipping around airports to keep me on time for flights. 

If I'm going for a longer period, I might take some other things like the blackberry studs or the short 17" necklace with whale bone imprint. But I always make sure that each piece is simple and complement each other when worn together. 

How do you decide what to take with you? Also if you have tips on how you pack your jewellery, please share them with us.

Happy travelling!


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