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Palm print jewellery: tips on taking your own mold

Our most personalized jewellery is the palm print series.
























We use silicone molds to take palm prints, then prints are transferred to silver clay. After shaping, filing, sanding and engraving, we fire this one of a kind piece in our kiln. What comes out of the kiln is 99% Fine Silver, then it goes on a Sterling Silver chain.


The molding process is quite simple and you can do this at home. The print could come from you so you can give the final piece to your loved ones. Or you can take a print from your partner, kids, parents, grandparents, grandkids and you can keep the piece for you to cherish.  

Some tips for you:

  • Please watch the video! It's our best resource we've got for you
  • Use the mold as soon as the pink/blue marble is completely gone (and don't keep going as it will get too hard)
  • We usually give you enough to try two times - if your first try doesn't go well and you're not sure what went wrong, please do not hesitate to call us
  • For babies and toddlers, we recommend that you take imprints while they're sleeping (no crying and fussing that way!) 


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