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Holiday show lineup - 2019 edition

We've had an amazing summer 2019 season and now we're moving onto the holiday markets! We've got some new markets we've never been so we're super excited about trying something new. We'll be able to meet new peeps and create new connections - whether online or in person, connecting with people is what drives us forward so we're looking forward to more!

Here’s the list for 2019:

  • November 8 - 10 (Fri - Sun)  Creative Craft Fairs (website)
  • November 9 - 10 (Sat - Sun) First Chance Christmas Craft Show (website)
  • November 15 - 17  (Fri - Sun) West Coast Christmas Show (website)
  • November 23 (Sat) GNS Holiday Craft Fair (Facebook event page)
  • December 6 - 8 (Fri - Sun) A Touch of Saltspring (website)
  • December 11 - 15 (Wed - Sun) Make It! Vancouver (website)
  • December 14 - 15 (Sat - Sun) Moss Street Holiday Market (website)
  • December 21 (Sat) - Moss Street Winter Market (website)

We really hope to see you at one of the markets but if you're not in the area, please feel free to browse our shop page to place an order or contact us for custom orders. Happy holidays!


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